Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So I got confirmation at Square 104. I'm moving up there on Aug 9. Yes, that is in a few days and I just confirmation just yesterday. It's pretty crazy. But no matter how crazy it is, God is with me. He has everything planned out. Even though in human time things are going boom boom boom and quite stressful, things are still working out quite smoothly:

Aug 1 - Dropped parents and aunt off at bus stop for their bus tour trip to Yellowstone Park. Picked up my baby and headed up to Edmonton to take a look at my unit before submitting the application and deposit. Come back to Calgary.

Aug 2 - Picked up my MOH dress. Furniture and miscellaneous household item shopping. Passed out at 11 pm. So tired.

Aug 3 - Packed a bit. Did some moving research (i.e. electricity set up, Shaw, van rental, etc.). Got a great deal on some bar stools on Kijiji (thanks babe). 

Aug 4 - Got confirmation on apartment. Had lunch with friends (more like farewell lunch). Set up electricity for move in date. Pick up parents and aunt from their bus trip. Packed some more.

Aug 5 - Drove aunt to airport. Researched about Ikea bed. Bought some Ikea stuff. Set up Shaw installation appointment. Rented cargo van. Wedding rehearsal. Blog. :)

Aug 6 - Pack. Maybe take a breather and go for a swim.

Aug 7 - Pack. Change my current 403 number to a 780 number! Pick up rental van. Buy bed and mattress. Put the big stuff into the van. 

Aug 8 - Wedding.

Aug 9 - Move to Edmonton.

Aug 10 - Work starts!

See, everything is boom boom boom, but things still flow. I just have to thank God for His wonderfulness. Most of all, making me a decently organized person so that I got all these things done on time!