Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ribbon Storage

After looking through many message boards, I was determined to organize my ribbons. I'm so jealous of those with a scraproom in their own home. My scraproom = my bedroom. Therefore, I have limited space. This is the only reason I don't go out to buy more. My restraint = limited space available to put my stuff!

Like all scrapbooking stuff, ribbon boxes can be expensive, and they can only hold so many ribbons. I considered poking holes into a sturdy box, but that requires using a power tool (I am scared of them!). Therefore, after a few nights of research and driving and some "engineering" skills, I came up with this:

It is assembled by a $2 curtain rod (came with end fixing and brackets) from Ikea, and two 2" c-clamps that also costed $2 each. Therefore, this whole assembly costed $6 with no use of power tools! I love it. The only thing is the physical appeal. Having two c-clamps look funny. It really makes my bedroom look like some kind of workshop! Haha... it's ok. I'm an engineer. I guess it makes my room ... me.