Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mmm... wings!!!

Today at work, we celebrated the people with birthdays in August. We went out for a company lunch. I didn't want to eat too full so I only had a cobb salad. I was comfortable until they also served chocolate cheesecake after we headed back to the office. I couldn't say no to that!!! So after ingesting 1000 calories around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I was still somewhat full and bloated when I got home. I planned to make chicken wings with carrots and potatoes the night before, but I debated if I still should with my full stomach. At the end, I did. Good for possible lazy upcoming nights! However, the more cooked the food got, the yummier the smell. I got hungry! Yay. So I ate a bit of my wings. It's a bit salty (less salt next time), and I burnt one, but overall, it was good. Mmm, wings. Now that dinner's done (and so is tomorrow or Thursday's night dinner), hopefully I can do some cardmaking tonight. I really need to finish the cards for the card swap, so that I can work on my scrapbook. It's way too far behind.