Thursday, December 8, 2011

炒年糕 - Second Attempt

I love Chinese cooking. That's why I make it more than any other food, except pasta, because it's my lazy food. Plus, I love Chinese veggies. Just rip, boil, and serve. No mess involved in the ripping process, unlike cauliflowers and broccolis.

It was my second attempt at this. The first time was pretty decent, but all the clumped together. This time, I actually boiled/steamed them up first before the "chow"-ing. They didn't clump this time. I think the napa cabbage also helped by adding in a lot of its natural fluids, and so the water avoided the clumping too. The only oil I used was a little bit to fry up the pork

No recipe. I just put in whatever I can stir into the mixture, which included my two stalks of 2-week old Shanghai bok-choy and three pieces of leftover bbq pork. Typical flavouring sauces include soy and oyster sauces. This time I added a little bit of chilli sauce to give it a little zing.