Monday, January 19, 2009

Goodbye, Grandma

In loving memory, my grandma, KFCY

Last week was a sad week. My grandma passed away last Monday, January 12, 2009. In a way, it was expected, because she was already 94. However, it's still very sad and I do miss her.

We received a call on Sunday evening from the nursing home, saying she's having complications in breathing. We all rushed to her bedside, but it didn't appear too bad. However, she did lose more weight due to her loss appetite during the week. She even waved goodbye when we were leaving. With hopes in our hearts, we thought it wasn't a forever goodbye.

Monday at 7:30 am, when I was about to head to work, the nursing home called saying she was gone at 7:15 am. After a week of preparation, her short funeral was held on Friday evening.

Most of my childhood memories are filled with her. Although she flew back and forth from Hong Kong and here, all the times she was here with me in Canada, they were fun and joyous. My favorite times with her are those evenings after supper. We will always hide in her blanket, and she will sing me songs and tell me odd stories. Right now, I sleep in the same room where she used to sleep (before she moved out to a seniors' apartment). I don't sleep in her old bed, but ironically, I am sleeping in the same spot where I always laid beside her.

I didn't see much of her in the past few years when she was residing in her nursing home, but every holiday or free weekend, my family will say "Let's go see Grandma!" There will be no more of that. I miss you, Ma Ma.