Monday, August 24, 2009

Dim Sum Dinner

I'm a little lazy tonight, and didn't want to cook. Therefore, I decided to depend on some... premade foods. Haha.

I had some salad from a bag (only 80 cents from Safeway) - need to eat veggies everyday, mom's orders! For the main course: frozen dim sum from TNT. Mmm, dim sum. I really wanted some this weekend, but I didn't know where to go in Edmonton. So this satisfied my craving. I also had my favorite Chunky soup: chicken corn chowder! Chunky Chicken Corn Chowder - it does Casie's body good! Dessert (later at night): fruits. I have a lot of it! Haha.

Top: Two plain buns (one shriveled), one bbq pork bun
Left to right: Two micro sticky rice in lotus leaves, four shrimp shaomai, three chicken corn dumplings

One word: YUM!

So after the meal, I took a look at my freezer. One can only eat so much frozen foods per serving, especially the bagged dim sum. So not every opened package can fit a twist tie, and therefore, I have to store them in plastic bags. So now my small fridge freezer looks like my mom's deep freeze - a storage of plastic bags! Sigh...