Sunday, July 22, 2012

Edmonton Floods

Lately, there has been A LOT of rain and thunderstorms. A lot of basement floods had resulted from all the flood.  However, mine was not.  I guess my building's sump pumps were working well!  I live approximately one block away from a park, which consisted one of the few stormwater ponds in the community (I call them mosquito baby heavens).  The water in the pond had risen so much that the bridge, pathways, and vegetation were all underwater.  I took some photos, but too bad, some of the water had receded.  However, they still show the effects of the water in the park.

The stormwater pond.  Looks normal, eh?  Look closely (see below).

The last time I sat here, my feet were dry!

Some of the water had receded, but sections of the the pathway was still cover by water.  Look at the vegetation on the left, it's all brown and mucky from being underwater.
Thunderstorms and heavy rain are still happening.  Edmonton just had one last night and today.  However, I don't mind it too much.  It keeps the house cool.  I'm surprised my little Roshi is not afraid of the loud booms.  He just looks blankly or sleeps right through them.  My brave little guy.