Saturday, July 2, 2011

Roshi's First TIme at the Park

Roshi turned four months old last week, which meant he also got his last set of shots. Now with all his shots, he can go anywhere dogs are allowed. Today was such a nice day, and it's a holiday, we went to our first dog park. However, because he's still a crazy excited little puppy, we didn't let him off leash. We did let go of it for a little bit so that he could chase us around. After 2 hours in the park, and 1 hour of pet store shopping, Roshi was dead tired. Tired puppy = good puppy.

Silly Bailey, only he could come up thinking that a dog can celebrate Canada day with canned food. So we bought Roshi a can of dog food, and of course, he loved it. I hope this will not make him picky and will continue to stick to the kibbles he already has.