Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mmm, Protein

Today's my 8th day at work. I already have 6 files! Just this week, I got 3 new files. I am now working on my second report. It is different than the first one because this one involves more detail. Hence, it's also taking longer than the first one. Hopefully, after a few more, I can find my groove and speed things up at work. I hope the big boss understands! I really want to keep this job. It's pretty interesting.
I went to Safeway to do some grocery shopping. I totally stocked up on Chunky can soup! 2 for $4, and they're the big cans too! I'm good for a while. Chicken wings were on sale, too! Not only were they on sale, I found a package with an additional 30% off. SCORE! Now, I just have to remember to get some 'lo-shui' sauce or black bean sauce the next time I'm at Superstore or TNT. The best part, I found a big tub of my favorite yogurt! Peach and mango by Yoplait! Now I just have to finish the small packaged ones before I can dig into this tub!

So after a hard day of work and venturing Safeway, I deserve a yummy dinner (well I always deserve a yummy dinner). For tonight's dinner, I made myself some steak. Mmm, steak. I only ate half the steak. The whole steak is a bit too much, and therefore, I'm saving the other half for lunch tomorrow. Mmm. On the side, broccoli with cream of mushroom sauce and healthy sauteed mushrooms (not in butter, but vegetable oil). Since I'm still quite new to this apartment, I didn't realize I am missing black pepper. DOH. Other than that, the food is pretty good! Mmm... I think I will go have my yogurt now. I do have 10 cups to go before I can start on that peach and mango yogurt tub!