Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ulgh. I ate too much today. Well, not really. I woke up somewhat late and got lazy and decided to go out for brunch. So we crossed the river and headed to Culina Mill Creek, recommended on Urbanspoon. I ordered a Fried Egg Panini and B ordered an Ukrainian Breakfast. The service was friendly, but the food was way too slow. I was freezing because we were sitting outside on the patio and I didn't bring a jacket (of course). Eventually, we moved back inside, and our food came. It was ok. Would I go back? Maybe.

Fried egg panini with a side of fruits

Ukranian Breakfast

For tonight's dinner, I made the classic burger, sided with a small garden salad and fries. Check out the arrangement! Haha, it looks quite restaurant like. My cheap Ikea plates were perfect for this use.