Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apartment Searching

Yesterday, I went up to Edmonton to look for a new home to rent. It's easy to be excited to move and start life in a new (but deadly) city. However, when I was actually up there, things became more real. The difference between this time and my internship in Medicine Hat is that this time it's permanent. 

I went to look at two places. The first place was called The Residence. It's old but renovated. However, the apartment is so small, it's ridiculous. I almost wanted to lay on the bedroom floor to see if I can lay across on it and fit! No.

I was early for my second appointment for viewing #2. So I drove around my new work area to see what is around. Then I found Square 104. I saw this place online, and totally forgotten about it. So I went in and had a quick look. Since I was just walking in, the office manager was nice enough to use the office suite as an example. New and clean. I don't mind. However, only 2 bedrooms were available.

Last place, 7th Street Lofts. Absolutely beautiful. However, the lady seems reluctant and want to show it to another person.

At night I had to pray for forgiveness for forgetting God to be involved in this. Especially for so many times He is with me on all of this, and that He has something prepared for me. And here I am just heading up there looking at places without praying about them. Of course, I got forgiveness, and I read Psalms 127:

"Unless the Lord builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, 
the watchmen stand guard in vain." ~Psalms 127:1-2

At The Residence, I know I can go cheap and just rent it. However, I know I will be miserable and may even jump out the window! Such a depressing place. The loft is nice, but I will be looking at my finances closely because it's a little over then what I want. So again, I just have to trust God again that He will help me choose the right place. And voila...

This morning Square 104 called and said a 1 bedroom is available Aug 1. Another person was inquiring about it, but since I was there yesterday asking for one first, I got priority. WOW. Isn't that something or what? I forgot about this place, and I drove to it by accident. There were nothing available, and then overnight something comes up and I got priority. God is truly amazing. I am so unworthy of His 1st class treatment but He does it anyways. Love You, God.