Friday, April 22, 2011

EEK... Mouse

It's been a little bit more than a month since I moved into my new home. Everything was going awesome until this past weekend. I opened up the pantry to get some rice and noticed that there were mouse droppings on the pantry floor. This meant I have a little 'pet' that I didn't know about. I know that this little guy (which I hope, and not a pregnant gal) wasn't here two weeks ago, because I bought new juice boxes and placed them on the floor. No poop then. Grumpy, I decided to do my clean up and disinfecting later because I needed to finish off my cooking. And guess what? There was also a piece of poop on the stove and on the counter beside it. WTF? Ok, I for sure knew it wasn't there two days prior, since that was the last time I wiped the stove and counter.

So the next day, a wonderful Sunday when I should be vegetating on my couch, I went out to Walmart and bought my disinfecting supplies and plastic containers to store any food that a mouse can chew through the packaging. I disinfected until 8 pm. I was not impressed. And yes, I found some chewed up stuff: my bags of chocolate chips and almonds.
I set a few traps but haven't caught anything yet. I also haven't seen any poop since then (well, I have, but I think they were old). I called the builder to have them check all the vents on the outside was sealed. And sure enough, he found something. The siding around my garage door has not been placed on yet, so currently it's still just a wood trim. Of course, it was ONLY my building that they didn't foam up any gaps between the seams of the timbers. So there was this half inch gap that was perfect for a mouse to fit through and enter the garage. Great. So I did a walkthrough around my garage, and yes, I found some mouse poop. Sigh.
I read on the internet that the smell of peppermint will deter mice from entering. So I bought a small bottle of peppermint oil and dilute it and sprayed it all over the house. I felt like I was living in a toothpaste tube! Well, my house smelled nice though.
It's a long weekend this week. Maybe my lack of presence will get the mouse to come out. I can't wait for those traps to break his neck. Mean? Yes, but they are disease carrying pests. Either he dies or I die (or get sick). I prefer him.

Monday, April 4, 2011

It's been a while...

Wow, I didn't realize I haven't blogged on this site for more than six months. Well, a lot has happened since August 2010: travelled to Ireland, took possession of a condo, and a lot of this and that in between.

I will definitely try to update more of random "crazie"ness, even though I'm not sure who actually reads this or I'm just writing something this and sending it out to a virtual black hole.