Monday, August 24, 2009

Surprise in the Attic

My job comprises of 30-40% field work and the rest, office work. For the field work, I go out (with my supervisor for now) and do structural damage investigations. Lately, there's a lot of wind damages due to the windstorm that blew through Alberta. For a lot of residential places, there are a lot of roof damages due to the heavy wind or a tree falling onto the roof. For such damages, we often have to climb into the attic to see if the roof trusses are intact. After the site exam, we write a report back to the insurance company. While I was writing one report and doing some research on roof/attic construction, I saw this picture on the Internet. I had to laugh. I hope that I will NEVER have to run into something like this during my attic investigations. I would seriously freak out.