Thursday, August 27, 2009

Naughty Me...

I really need to have some self control. Well, after moving to Edmonton, I started having this urge to get a netbook. They are so small and nice. However, I've been saying, "Casie, you have an iMac for the main computer, and an ipod touch for a portable internet device, you don't need a netbook." But stupid B, got me a 37" tv. Now I really want to watch my awesome TVB shows on that instead of the 24" iMac. Sigh.
So, I've been eying on this one netbook, ASUS-Eee-PC-1005HA-PU1X for the last week. I stood strong for a while, and today I caved. However, I think it was meant to be. I was sitting on the fence until 6:30. Memory Express closes at 7. Since I live downtown, almost everywhere is a minimum 20 minute drive. So with traffic and all, I got to Memory Express at 6:55, five minutes to spare. Was it meant to be or what?! Oh well. I guess the main drive was to celebrate my upcoming first paycheck! I personally think it's bad luck not to blow the first one! Haha. I think after rent and all, I am pretty sure it will be gone. I'm 27, gotta have some fun.

My iMac's new friend