Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today was my interview. I made sure I said a few prayers to ensure my best performance at the interview. I was glad it wasn't technical. However, I got the most out of the world question, and it even shocked me: "Describe your desk at home". Huh?! I think this was meant to see if I was an organized person? However, I just described it as a L-shaped desk with my iMac and printer, and above it are two wall shelves: one with my computer things and stationary, and the other with my scrapbooking supplies. I wonder what he made of it.

I can say I feel particularly good about this interview. I have had a total of seven interviews in my entire life:
  1. The Gap
  2. Alberta Transportation internship position
  3. Defense Research Development Canada (DRDC) internship position
  4. Fluor
  5. Hilti
  6. Alberta Transportation full time position
  7. Sintra Engineering (today's interview)
The best interview I had was with DRDC. I didn't get the job I was interviewing for, but since the interview was so good, I got a job there under another supervisor. It was THAT good! Haha. The next best one is Fluor. I came out of it thinking I think I got the job! I was quite proud of some of the answers. Then the third best was today's. Maybe because the questions weren't very technical. I'm not too proud of my answers, but I was very honest and I felt that I was quite qualified for some of the questions he asked (i.e. Have you written any technical reports? - Yes, my thesis is one GINORMOUS technical report.)
Overall, I can't do or say much now. It's all in God's hands, and all I can do is trust. If He has planned this job for me, no matter how sucky I was, I would get the job. However, there is one thing I can improve my chances: write that thank you letter!