Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a day!!!

Today I was flying from Edmonton to Seattle for a seminar tomorrow. However, I decided to take an early flight so that I can do some USA shopping. So I booked a direct flight at 6:40 am and be arriving Seattle at 7:50. So I woke up at 3:30 am this morning, left the house at 4:30, got through the airport ado and at the gate around 5:30-ish. Perfect. Then, an announcement came on around boarding time announcing that there were some technical difficulties, and the flight will be delayed for an hour. Fine. Then later on, it was totally cancelled. SH*T! So in panic mode since my shopping day is ruined (oh right, and the seminar too), I had to rearrange for new flights. The next flight they got me was a 11-ish flight to Vancouver via Air Canada and connect to Seattle and arriving at 2-ish. Now my shopping day was totally hopeless. Sulking, I got led through the backstage of the airport, out of USA customs, and into baggage. There's a crazy story about the baggage too, but too lazy to type it all out. Anyways, while waiting for my baggage, I got to talk to a guy (who was a very good conversationalist) in the same situation as me. They got him onto a Vancouver flight at 9-ish. WTF. So I called the reservation center. They got me a 10 am flight to Calgary and connect to Seattle and arrive at 1:10. Ok. I still have hope. Yeah. So, I went to check in again. went through security again, and got to the gate. With my luck, my Calgary flight got slightly delayed. When I got to Calgary, I had to pick up my bag, check in again, and got scolded by the counter lady because she said you have 1 hour and that's not enough. If you can't make it, I'm closing the gate and you can head back to Edmonton. WTF? Reason being... USA customs had a line up that was out to the check in area! OMG. I'm screwed! Thank GOD (seriously, I praised the Lord throughout the day afterward) there were other families that were late. So after 10 min of lining up, the same counter lady called us and got us to cut the line. After another 20 min wait, I made it. Security. SH*T. It was 11:50 already. Boarding time. It wasn't too bad, and got into a decent line... only to have people budge because their previous flight got delayed and they were connecting. My luck. However, I still made it. I got into Seattle and picked up my car (another story about the drive on I-5) and shopping I go. It was GLORIOUS! A later blog will be the other details!

PS: I'm not sure if any of the above made sense... I'm typing fast so that I can head back up into my room and eat my room service at 10 pm. :)