Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This summer, Edmonton roads went full blown construction. The one area that affects me the most is the construction of the overpasses on the west section of the Anthony Henday (which is the outer ring road in Edmonton). My residence is near a street that crosses the Henday. This whole summer, they (whoever they are) had been constructing an overpass for this street to cross the Henday and so in the future (hopefully by this winter), we, drivers, no longer have to wait for a stupid light intersection trying to get onto or cross the Henday.

This morning, lo and behold, the overpass opened! A little confused with the new road but still happy because there is no more light to wait for! However, this happiness lasted only one minute or so. Whoever is the construction manager/transportation engineer on this was either high on drugs or a retard. Like a typical overpass, to get onto the freeway, you stay on one side and turn off. To head north on the Henday, I had to stay right and turn right onto the spiral ramp. On the spiral ramp, there was a LONG line up of cars. Why? Because at the end of the ramp, we have to YIELD onto the Henday. Who the hell yields (oh right, Peigan-Deerfoot had one) ? If you're not ready for people to use the overpass, don't do it! I think I rather prefer the lights than hoping that the car that I am seeing far away won't speed up the moment I get onto the freeway. Please let this yield be temporary and let it be a merge... but looking at the road lines, I have a feeling the yield might be the final design.