Thursday, September 1, 2011

Roshi's First Grooming

Roshi is scheduled to get neutered tomorrow (September 2). It was suggested to me that a haircut will be a good idea: easier to keep him and his wound clean. I thought it was a good time too:
  1. He's getting way too shaggy. It's to a point he looked like he had dreadlocks.
  2. He's matting like crazy.
  3. His coat was collecting debris and hard to pick out.
  4. I don't want him to go through puppyhood without a grooming. He might be nervous or scared later on.
So, last night I took a before picture with his shaggy look:

Before grooming - such a cute shaggy puppy

I told the groomer that I wanted his body and legs shaved down and trim around the face. She sure trimmed quite a bit. When I went to pick up my little Roshi, I didn't even recognize him. Half my dog was missing!

After grooming - he kind of looks emo...

Nonetheless, he is still cute in a different way. Plus, his shaved down coat makes him feel like a VERY soft stuff animal. I just couldn't stop touching him. Best of all, he smells awesome! The groomer also said he was an excellent puppy: a little nervous at first during the bath, but after some praises, he was giving kisses like crazy. Yep, that's my Roshi... lick lick lick!