Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wedding Dress - Check

Last week, I took some time off to hang out with my little cousin (yes, he may be 17 now and taller than me, but he'll always be my little cousin) during his visit to Alberta. We were in Calgary for the week. I found some time for myself. With no expectations (not even a budget) and a totally open mind, I used this time to do some dress shopping!

I guess I had some ideas what I wanted:
  1. Simple yet elegant - I don't like overly bling. So excessive beading is out of the question! However, it has to have enough bling for a night event (i.e. the reception).
  2. Light - since it might be a destination wedding, I don't want my dress to be the luggage weight limit!
  3. Minimum train - trains are nice for pictures, but not fun to drag around. Being a maid of honor once, I also know it's hard for the bride and the "slave" to carry that thing around.
  4. Under $1000 - I didn't have a budget, but I don't think a "one time dress" should cost anything more than $1000 with alterations. However, I was willing to budge a little if it was that dreamy of a dress.
  5. Dress shape - I know I DON'T want ball gowns and mermaids.
Dress shopping took place on Tuesday (August 23) afternoon and Wednesday (August 24) morning. The first store I went into had no dresses I wanted. I left after 15 minutes of browsing. The second store I went to was Blissful Bridal. I told the lady that I was open minded to anything, but there were a few things I knew I didn't want. She showed me a few dresses, but there was one dress that caught my eye: A-line, lace covered, a hint of bling, a simple bow in the back, no train, and $650. Despite the 3 or 4 other dresses in the dressing room, I tried on this one first. It was perfect. I'm surprised with the lace (I'm not a lace girl) and how awesome it was on me. To keep an open mind, I tried on the other dresses. They were pretty, but not me. Since this was my first day of dress shopping, I just got the info of that dress and walked out.

Wednesday, I went to three other stores (can't even remember the names). I kept looking at dresses that were similar to that first dress. They all came out pretty, but my mind kept wandering back on that one. So I guess the first dress that I tried on was the dress.

Thursday night I took my mom to see the dress. She thought it was me. Even though she thought having a train would be nice in pictures, she couldn't really see me dragging fabric around. Haha, mom sure knows her daughter's style.
So, it's set. I found the dress. Deposit paid and dress on order. No pictures... you will all have to wait (except those lucky bunch that I sent an email to).