Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Today's Special

Work is piling up and I am happy. I love being piled up. I'm crazy, I know. I went out on site in the morning, and I got two new files. It's awesome! One of them was a rush file, and I got to do it myself! Well, it wasn't much. Very simple in fact, but the point is it was by myself. Yay.

Anyways, tonight's special was chicken shrimp pineapple in Casie's special honey sauce. Haha. It was more like, I'll add honey in here, then I'll add some soy sauce, then I'll add some salt, and lastly, pray it will work out! Haha. And it did. The 'choy' was simple, just garlic and salt. It was good. I think I'll make an excellent wife one day. Haha.