Sunday, January 6, 2013


Tonight, B and I went to see Les Miserables at the theaters.  While we were lining up to get the tickets, I saw this:

Movie snack price board
Can we say WTF?  I am aware that movie snacks are way overpriced, and I am guilty of supporting this occasionally when I wanted that bag of popcorn with my movie.  However, between the last time I bought popcorn and now, when did prices become like this?  A combo of two soft drinks, two bags of popcorn, and a bag of candy to share costs almost the same as a relatively cheap dinner for two at a sit down restaurant (e.g. Swiss Chalet, pho, HK style cafe).  ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME?  This is utterly insane.  Despite my frugal efforts of packing two juice boxes to sneak into the theater, B wanted to get a bigger drink anyways.  While lining up for the drink, he then saw the prices and went 'Wow'.  No kidding.

Recently there's been this 'shark ban' vs. 'oppose shark ban' debate.  Yeah, saving the world and saving the sharks are good causes.  However, I just don't have much feelings for such a topic and feel like it's a waste of time (no offence to those out there who's involved with such debate) since 1. I don't have much passion for such topic, 2. I like eating shark fin, but could also live without it, and therefore, doesn't quite hit home for me.  This however does.  How about debating/banning this: robbing us hard working citizens by having us pay for junk food at insane prices so that Cineplex can make insane profit margins and pay the CEO to enjoy his martinis on his private jet and yacht?