Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cooking Disaster

Both B and I had a disaster in the kitchen this weekend. B wanted to pre-make a big pot of green bean tapioca sweet soup for his company Halloween potluck. He looked up a recipe for the ingredients, but didn't follow the instructions. This is what it turned out:

The picture was not altered. The chopsticks in the pot was standing up vertically in the "soup". This pot of gel was conglomerated with two bags of green beans, two bags of tapioca, and two cans of coconut milk. It might look disgusting, but it did smell sweet. Nevertheless, the gel was thrown out.

I shouldn't be laughing too hard though. On Sunday, my curry beef burnt up:

I did my usual, but for some odd reason it burnt up. Maybe I left the heat on too high (at "2") for too long (1 hour) or I didn't add enough water. Oh well, there were still scrap leftover. It just tasted like bbq beef marinated with curry sauce. It didn't taste too bad. B ate it!


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