Sunday, November 20, 2011

Calgary Staycation

I just got back into Edmonton after a 10 day staycation in Calgary. Boo.

The staycation was nice. I met up with friends, scrapbooked, karaoke (at home), played video games, watched movies, ate out, shopping, and cooked some awesome dinners. Since I was at my parents home, I didn't even have to clean (except for Roshi's mess). I loved it. It was relaxing and not too expensive. Sometimes vacations are harder on the body than work! Therefore, this short little week off, which I desperately needed (I haven't had one week off of work since last X-mas and was seriously losing concentration at work), was perfect and excellent.

It's 10:54 pm now. I'm in bed blogging and ready to sleep to restart routine. Sigh. Last week, I was playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood until late night.

I don't want it to end. I wouldn't mind another week off. Not at all. Sigh.