Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mouse Update

Since I last blogged about the mouse, I haven't seen or caught any yet. I hope that is a good thing, hoping it found its way out FOREVER, and not dead inside my wall somewhere. However, my western neighbour (who also had a mouse inside their house when they first moved in) saw a mouse scurrying around our front "yard". So they set some traps outside their corner of the building to trap them before they come in. Lo and behold, I saw three trapped mice. They sure look like deer mice (but I'm no rodent expert). That means they could carry the hantavirus, which could be fatal to human. Damn field across my yard. Why can't the mice just stay there and leave us alone? However, also from my neighbour, she said that she heard there have been proposals for a golf course development. After hearing that, I just heard "cha-ching" to my property value! Having a golf course across the street will definitely be a plus. We shall see. But for now, I must be consistent with my peppermint spray and keep the mice away from my property!!!

One of the three mice caught