Saturday, July 17, 2010

Crazy People

Today I made a last minute decision and drove home (Calgary) for the weekend. Since I haven't really had a chat with my mom for a bit, it's great to catch up on some gossip - especially about crazy people.

There are a lot of crazy people out there with the oddest mentality. I personally know two who think I'm a major bad person because my manners don't have a score of 100%. Even without contact or doing anything to or with them, they think I am a horrible person and that I am out to get them.
Then with my mom's updated gossip, she knew someone who could interpret harmless words into something totally offensive and wanted to sue the person! I have no idea what this person could sue for, since s/he did not lose anything (i.e. money, property, reputation, etc.). It will probably end up a waste of court time and lawyer fees.
The funny thing is I can actually see some similarity between the crazy people I know and this person my mom knows:
  1. Both are mid-age/pre-seniors having way too much time with their brains. Maybe they should do some daily sudoku instead. Thinking way too much about silly stuff can hurt yourself and your relationships with people (which happened).
  2. Lack of drama in their lives. Children had grown up and moved away, and all the fun had disappeared. If you want drama, then make drama by yourself and not include other people. It's almost like that explosion in Edmonton. If you want to kill yourself after murdering your girlfriend, swallow a bullet! Not blowing up your house and affecting the rest of your neighbourhood!
Am I sounding mean? Maybe. But yes, when I hear things like these, especially with mid-age/pre-seniors, it just really bothers me. There's already not a lot of time left. Enjoy it while it lasts. Why piss yourself off and screwing up other people's lives?