Sunday, July 18, 2010

Crazie Adventure

This year's Alberta's summer weather is a little crazie, and my drive back to Edmonton from Calgary joined in the craziness! Just past Red Deer, it began to hail like there's no tomorrow. Thank goodness the hail was not the size of golf balls, like the ones in Calgary. A lot of cars pulled to the side to wait for it to pass. There were at least 10 cars, blocking all three lanes, right under the overpass. I was not one of those cars... poor Luigi. After 10 minutes of being pelted by hail, it was just heavy rain and the drive continued. Further north, there were major lightning happening to the right of me. Since I LOVE watching Mother Nature's zaps, I thought I will do some of my own filming with my 'awesome' phone camera. So holding the wheel with my right hand, and my camera with my left hand against the side window, I hope I was able to film some good zaps. All of a sudden, I saw this bright bolt right beside my side mirror, and shortly afterwards a loud buzz against my car. It took me a few seconds to register... I think I got struck by lightning... or at least my car did! Maybe I didn't get directly hit, but it was definitely very close to me. Enough for me to actually see the bolt and hear some loud buzz noise against/on/from my car. Seriously... I definitely need to buy a lottery ticket!