Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ikea Hack

During my break at work, I discovered the Ikea Hackers website, and OMG, I was in love! I love and hate Ikea products. I love the cost (well, about 80% of the time), but I hate the look. When you see an Ikea product, it screams "IKEA". After discovering this website, I realize I can definitely use my creativity and construction skills to make some useful pieces.

So B moved in two weeks ago (that's the newest thing that happened since the last blog entry), and he needed a computer desk. My office area is limited because it needs to hold my n-thousand dollars worth of crafting supplies.

This was taken last year when I newly moved in.
100" x 105" = Limited office space

Since his desk only needs to hold his computer stuff, and maybe a pencil, I placed his workspace in the closet. Ikea hack time! We walked around Ikea and found this:

I don't think that triangular brace can hold up the computer monitor very well, and I don't think the hinge is a good idea. The table was a little small for the closet too. Time to put on my thinking cap!

B had an Ikea bed, but that poor thing retired. It broke a few limbs after his numerous moves. However, I told him to keep the bed slats for wood scraps for my potential Ikea hack projects (note the plural). They sure came in handy with this hack.

With six slats, I formed two side ledges for the table to sit on. I wanted a third one at the 'back' for more stability, but B wanted to skip it because 1. he's lazy, 2. the gap is good for his cables.

After a few trips to the hardware store for proper tools, and a night of me supervising and B constructing, the table is done. My first Ikea hack is born. Not bad at all.

Closet door removed. Slat ledgers anchored. Table connected. Computer plugged in.