Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Complaint to Rogers

I would like to say that Rogers need to hire more professional people at their stores. What I witnessed today was not acceptable!

Today I went to two Rogers Wireless stores looking for a wall charger for my old phone, a Sony w810. I have already prepped myself to get a new phone since I had doubts that I can find a charger since this phone was pretty much obsolete. So the first store I went into, this young college girl tried to help me. Picked up this charger with an adaptor end, which was even obvious to me, wouldn't fit my phone. And of course, it didn't fit. Instead of offering me to consider getting a new phone, she sent me to Future Shop! So I did, but they also did not have a charger available for my phone. So I went to a mall with a Rogers store, and saw two young girls chatting away behind the counter. I helped myself to a charger that looked right, and brought it up to the counter. One girl leaning back in her chair with her feet on the counter and the other girl answered me lazily. I asked if I could try out the charger before I buy it. She said yes. Asked the 'counter feet' girl to pass her the scissors to open the package, the answer was no because she was too busy leaning in her chair. Then the phone rang. The girl who was helping me pass the phone to 'counter feet' girl by sliding it down the counter (because you know, 'counter feet' girl was too busy leaning in her chair). At the end, the charger worked and I got it.

The customer support I got was I got what I wanted and left. Good impression, definitely not. I was planning to upgrade to a smartphone with a data plan. I was also on the fence to stay with Rogers or switch back to Telus. I gave two chances to Rogers tonight, and all I got were sent to Future Shop and a lazy girl with her feet on the counter!

The reasons I switched to Rogers three years ago were 1. the plans are awesome, 2. I could make oversea calls when I'm on vacation 3. they have a good network, and 4. fairly good customer service. Now, Telus plans are on par and I could also make oversea calls. Just the last week, my calls had been cut a few times (that had never happened to be when I was with Telus) - I don't think those Rogers' commercials are true. And what I witnessed tonight, there were no basic manners from Rogers employees (i.e. feet on the counter). Maybe because I'm an engineer and used to being around fairly professional people. I expect the same from everyone... even from young college girls who were hired to just sit through their evening shifts. Maybe I am asking too much...

This is too bad. I enjoyed and am still enjoying my current plan with Rogers. However, when I really can no longer use my phone, which I believe will be soon, I will really have to review my options whether or not to stay with Rogers.