Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When I first laid my eyes on this, I knew B will love it! It's suppose to be a surprise, but I suck at waiting to give away presents. I just want to see the excited reaction right away. So once I got this in the mail, I modelled it and sent the picture showing the surprise. Isn't it awesome?! Haha. It's a little big in the body (or maybe I just lost weight... yes, that must be it) even for B, but I guessed that already when I ordered the large. But the sizing chart for the medium seemed a bit small, and the sleeves on this large was just slightly longer than my arms. Well, worse comes to worse, stick it in the dryer and try to shrink it a bit (hopefully not too much in the sleeves).

And yes... B loved it (based on the picture). Can't wait to see it on him on Friday.