Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Suck

So I'm on this mission to save money, but damn it, it's not working!

So Michael's is having this AMAZING Cricut sale. Cartridges for $39.99. OMG... they usually sell for $119.99 (well, at some other places, like Scrap Hut, $69.99). Good thing there's only a few I want and not like 10. With a deal like that, I would so buy 10. So I wanted:

  • Doodlecharms
  • Walk in My Garden
  • Stretch Your Imagination
Unfortunately, the Michael's across my work (yes, it calls out to me everyday to spend spend spend), sold out of SYI. So I'm like, maybe just 2 then. Then stupid me, kept looking and grabbed Paper Pups. I don't even own a frickin' dog! Well, maybe another Michael's will have SYI, and I'll just exchange it.

So after work, I called around and all the Michael's in Calgary are sold out of SYI. After some long thoughts, I decided to return the Paper Pups. But of course, I checked out what people do with the Paper Pups cart on the Cricut Messageboard. Everything is SO SO cute.

So yes, just like the title, I SUCK. I'm keeping it. I"m not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I will figure it out somehow. Sigh...